Deja Vu Marbella Vintage

Chanel Mini from 1980 in Black 18 cm wide X 13 cm High


Can you please let me know the price for the vintage chanel bag?
Kind Regards


The bag has been sold ! Keep an eye out for new arrivals.
All the best,
Richard and Amanda

Guri S. Christoffersen says:

( my husband and I bought a Louis Vuitton suitcase yesterday, maybe you remember me?)

I wonder: what is the condition of this Chanel, and which price has been set?

Best regards
Guri S. Christoffersen

Hi! Yes we remember- The Chanel is sold . Sorry , but we will post any new Chanels on the pageso keep an eye out every week or so.
Thank you !
Richard and Amanda

Hi I know the chanel bag is sold out buyt how much would it go for usually? Im just wondering because im after a chanel bag, i live in uk so i wouldnt be able to come over to marbella. Im after price range of £500 even if a little more, like £800 at a push, especially this size as i know any more bigger the price goes up. thanks.

Hello There !
This bag went for 850€ which would be about 700 pounds. The Chanel bags, like the Hermès handbags, are in a category of their own .
The bad news is that the New Chanel prices are going up 15-25 % per year as they are looking to be in the same league as Hermès.The good news is that any Chanel bag purchased 5 years ago (or more) will be on sale here in Déjà Vu at approximately the original retail price from 5 years ago.
Keep an eye here on the web page or on our Facebook for any new Chanel arrivals. Actually this is a good time of year for Chanel bags as people are looking for extra cash just after Christmas.
happy New Year from sunny Spain !
Richard and Amanda

Buenas tardes,
En agosto viajaré a Marbella y quisiera saber si tienen bolsos chanel en venta y qué modelos son(si es posible)

Hola ,
Si quieren podemos enviar por What’s App unas fotos de los Chanel que tenemos ahora en nuestra tienda. Pasar su telefono a
Gracias !
Richard y Amanda

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